My friend make this champion on warcraft 3 map, she's all about blind and silence enemy, she's the inspiration for me to make this champion.


The putrid blade

range champion

Innate - Black Arrow

Basic attack silence target for 1.5 seconds every 7 seconds, cooldown reduce by basic attack and spell cast.

Q - Kiss of decay

Silence and blind target for 1 second, deal damage if target has blind or silence, stun it for 1 second if target has both blind and silence. Low cooldown and short range.

W - Voidshift Cloak

Passive: Cerevich ignore unit collision and get bonus magic resist.

Active: Cerevich move faster for 3 seconds, at the end of effect, blind all enemy in the area around Cerevich and heal Cerevich for each enemy in area. Cooldown reduce each time Cerevich is attacked.

E - Deadly Silence

Cerevich attack faster and Black Arrow has no cooldown for 2 seconds.

R - Putrid Order

Passive:(aura) Deal damage to enemy that is blinded or silenced every second if they're close to Cerevich, deal double damage if it has both blind and silence.

Active: For 8 seconds, every enemy that receive blind or silence will be blinded and silenced at the same time.

Blind and Silence to disrupt enemy, sometimes stun them, and ability to move faster to be able to go in to use Q and R and get out alive.