• C4bal

    Hello there fellow LoLers!

    You all know how to build corki, sorc boots, triforce, IE, BT, LW

    but here is the thing:  you have good AD scalings (passive, E), but have to get close. SOOOO

    my idea is to switch out the TWO MOST PROMINENT items in corkis build.

    triforce and last whisper.

    the substitution:  iceborngauntlet and black cleaver. E applies black cleaver fast and easy, iceborngauntlet makes you kite harder and very tanky.

    yes, its slightly less damage, but a huge buff in survivability. due to your passive, you will still do some unmitigateable damage.

    yes, you lose 50% AD from the sheenproc. but you gain so much, that you can go toe to toe with tanks and survive.

    what do you think?

    an usual fight would be both sides' tanks diving for the enemy…

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  • C4bal

    Hello and welcome dear community.

    up until now, i did not believe that the chatrestrictions could be unfair. i always imagined some whiny kids on the forum trying to revert them by saying they did nothing.

    however, something truly curious happened to me.

    in January, i got a 25 games chat restriction. i imagined some people didnt get my jokey ways and had been reporting me. fine, okay, 25 games arent much, i didnt care, i guess i had it coming for me.

    however, i didnt use chat ever since, mostly since ive been playing with 4 RL friends, using only skype.

    if i would ever use allchat, its for "hi/glhf"  or "dayum dat dmg".  "gg/wp"

    now i just logged on, suddenly: chatrestriction for another 17 games. how does that come to be?

    i am not a hostile play…

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  • C4bal

    Hello Community,

    i have been playing for quite a long time. And i have noticed about myself, that i comfortly play champions that arent really considered "viable" anymore. but i am out of ideas what to pick. i own all champs.

    since i dont really care about all those different teams, players and games on worldstage (i dont have 40min of my time to maybe watch one cool action going on), i wanted to ask those of you, who watch this stuff.

    what i ask you to do is put "the best" 3-5 champions per position together; sure i know what is viable and what works together well, but i just need a list i can work with and practise on.

    that list could look something like the following:

    top: renekton, elise, leesin, warwick, quinn

    mid: kennen, swain, zed 


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  • C4bal

    This blog will feature a new supportchampion i made.

    HEALTH 389 (+87) ATTACK DAMAGE 50 (+2.25)
    HEALTH REGEN. 1.5 (+0.0) ATTACK SPEED 0.658 (+2.8%)
    MANA 333 (+67) ARMOR 5 (+3.2)
    MANA REGEN. 6.3 (+0.5) MAGIC RES. 30
    RANGE 500 MOV. SPEED 330

    please note that she has no escape mechanisms and rather weak basestats, while having to be played in a dangerous place to be fully effective (like Q having a pretty small cone), so she can be easily targetted.

    while she is good at poking, once an enemy is "in her face", she will have problems escaping, especially if no CDs are left. (basically like soraka)

    the idea behind the passive is that if she gets focused first, she punishes the enemy team abit with the dmg-dealing part, as you get full 5 seconds out of it.

    if its at the …

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