Hello Community,

i have been playing for quite a long time. And i have noticed about myself, that i comfortly play champions that arent really considered "viable" anymore. but i am out of ideas what to pick. i own all champs.

since i dont really care about all those different teams, players and games on worldstage (i dont have 40min of my time to maybe watch one cool action going on), i wanted to ask those of you, who watch this stuff.

what i ask you to do is put "the best" 3-5 champions per position together; sure i know what is viable and what works together well, but i just need a list i can work with and practise on.

that list could look something like the following:

top: renekton, elise, leesin, warwick, quinn

mid: kennen, swain, zed 

jungle: leesin, vi, j4

botlane adc: jinx, draven, caitlyn, vayne

support: thresh, lulu, annie, blitzcrank

i am very curious what you consider best for the positions.

thanks in advance!

Your Cabby