Hello there fellow LoLers!

You all know how to build corki, sorc boots, triforce, IE, BT, LW

but here is the thing:  you have good AD scalings (passive, E), but have to get close. SOOOO

my idea is to switch out the TWO MOST PROMINENT items in corkis build.

triforce and last whisper.

the substitution:  iceborngauntlet and black cleaver. E applies black cleaver fast and easy, iceborngauntlet makes you kite harder and very tanky.

yes, its slightly less damage, but a huge buff in survivability. due to your passive, you will still do some unmitigateable damage.

yes, you lose 50% AD from the sheenproc. but you gain so much, that you can go toe to toe with tanks and survive.

what do you think?

an usual fight would be both sides' tanks diving for the enemy carry, killing him or zoning him out and brawling the rest of the teamfight 4v4 or 3v3, depending on who dies for it.

this build makes the enemies dive for you, fail and die, making you able to play a 3v4 / 4v5 odds against the enemy team. it is a safer build for yoloQ / premade teams and surely not professional material, but safety is key when playing ADC.