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Unfair chat restrictions - Do they exist?

C4bal March 10, 2015 User blog:C4bal

Hello and welcome dear community.

up until now, i did not believe that the chatrestrictions could be unfair. i always imagined some whiny kids on the forum trying to revert them by saying they did nothing.

however, something truly curious happened to me.

in January, i got a 25 games chat restriction. i imagined some people didnt get my jokey ways and had been reporting me. fine, okay, 25 games arent much, i didnt care, i guess i had it coming for me.

however, i didnt use chat ever since, mostly since ive been playing with 4 RL friends, using only skype.

if i would ever use allchat, its for "hi/glhf"  or "dayum dat dmg".  "gg/wp"

now i just logged on, suddenly: chatrestriction for another 17 games. how does that come to be?

i am not a hostile player at all, nor do i get any "you have been reported for bad language etc / we know everybody has bad days" messages. nor have i been actively using chat in games AT ALL.

how does that come to be? i find it hardly unlikely that i got those chatrestrictions from over 4 months past where i didnt actually say bad things either.

so i want to know:

has stuff like this ever happened to you too?

has it changed since the tribunal got changed to all automatic robo-style instead of humans capable of understanding irony or "premade ingame chat scrub calling"?

thats all for today. peace.

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