I was really wondering why all of a sudden there was all this crazy interest in Irelia. As I've said before in previous shit I noticed her getting used more, notice more comments on her page, and everyone was grabbing and autolocking her in this week now that she's free.

I'm a casual gamer so I don't pay attention to all the ranked business and the demi-gods of the League of Legends arena. So when someone commented on this site on Irelia's page that it was all due to HotshotGG I had to check it out.

I kind of know who this dude is because I saw a video or two on Youtube. All I know is the guy has an emo "whatever" voice and he swears constantly about how awful people are. Apparently he's also one of the top players in the game. Whereas watching a Coldturkey49 (RIP) video is a pleasurable experience, watching Hotshot in action requires the mute button.

So I finally found the post on the official LoL forums called "Irelia is the new FOTM" and the post is massive. And from what I read it all comes down to one of Hotshots rivals whooping him so now he's trying to get her nerfed. Sounds like a dick move. Maybe the other guy needs to try to get Nidalee nerfed eh?

So whatever, Hotshot has some pull in the community. I'm actually almost hoping for a nerf so that I can play as her again. The thing that is sad is the legions of fans of this kid who all parrot what he's saying. I was shocked as hell to see, out of nowhere, anon posters saying how OP Irelia is. Really? because for the 3 months that she was available no one used her. She even had a tiny buff on her Equilibrium Strike range a couple patches ago. But because one guy smashed a guy who cries alot all the sheep decide she's the new hotness.

Here's the best part: I don't know about anyone else but with all these new Irelia fans has anyone run in to an Irelia that was actually good? I swear that every single game I've played this week had an Irelia and every single time they fed.

Think for yourself, people.

For those interested in the thread that started this whole shitstorm, here it is: