This weekend I finally reached level 30 after playing this game for exactly 6 months. After facing a lot of tough matches while trying out a number of champs (Katarina, Sion, Swain) I decided to just play the guys that I am best with (Irelia, Morgana, Nasus, etc) and get that level thing out of the way.

It doesn't really feel like a big deal. For the past couple of months every time I play I've typically been the only under-30 in the match and it's not like I've been completely outclassed. I am not a great LoL player by any means but I am somewhat competent. My win/loss is only hovering around .500.

So now I am trying to figure out if I want to get involved with ranked matches. I'm really kind of casual in this game and the stress of ranked is kind of intimidating. Ever since the HotshotGG vs Irelia fiasco I've discovered the GeneralWiser feed on Youtube and I love watching those matches. However, the amount of coordination that seems to go in to those is a bit beyond me. I'd rather throw down in some normal games and not have to commit fully to it like that.

I guess the real question at this point is what to do now. I figure I should probably just get to know all of the champs. At this point there are 22 that I have not used even once. On top of that there are another 20 that I have used less than 5 times. It can seriously be frustrating in this game to try out new champs though considering the mental makeup of fellow gamers and it's never easy seeing a string of "Defeat"s in your match history. In the end, it's a game, and games are meant to be fun. There is, however, a certain segment of the gaming population that treats this game as validation of their existance.

So that's what I'll do. Keep on trucking and trying out new champs while occasionally going back to the old faithfuls every now and then to make sure I don't go too far in the red. Can I just make a request? Please, people, stop picking ranged DPSers all the damn time so I can get a chance to use them sometimes. This is my third week of vowing to learn how to use Twitch but I'll never be able to if people don't stop grabbing Teemo and Ashe every damn time. This post was pointless. I killed too many brain cells on St Patty's Parade Day here in Syracuse this weekend. My brain still hurts.