To be a dick or not to be a dick... that is the question. For the last couple of months I spent most of my time smurfing and learning to play a lot of champs that I never got around to working on. There were a couple things I noticed:

  • no one knows what to do when the tank engages,
  • people complaing about kill-stealing,
  • feeders,
  • at any moment a teammate will come along and completely wipe out a minion wave/jungle camp you had to yourself.

Of course it bothered me but I kept telling myself that these things wouldn't be an issue once I got back to using my level 30 account. Turns out I was only 1/4 right.

This week I realized that, yeah, it's nice to learn how to use new champs against lesser opponents but, at the same time, I am making no headway on getting my rune pages set up and for some reason there are level 30 opponents playing as mord or tryn with 1000 wins under their belt popping up in half of my matches. Not fun. So when I got back to playing my main account I realized i was an idiot for starting new accounts. Less leavers, less big time feeders, everyone is on a level playing field, and, most importantly, when I powerball/bandage toss/etc in to the enemy my team will know what to do.

There's that one issue, though, that I don't quite understand:

Is it or is it not an unspoken rule that when someone gets that minion wave, wolf camp or whatever that it is their farm?

Call me crazy but I have been playing under that impression for a long time now. This week though I've run in to several instances where I will see a big wave of creeps and get there, only to have some uber-farmer teammate show up a bit later and take all the gold.

Because I rarely play a carry I will usually let someone else get the farm but there are instances where I desperately need the gold and will try to get it where I can. For example I had a really bad couple of games as jungle Amumu where I had to babysit for some failing lanes and could never get the farm I needed. Then when a teamfight starts and I'm Amumu with Cloth Armor, Boots, and Ruby Crystal I get beaten down quickly and raged at by the guy who couldn't hold his lane and needed my help. (I'm talking to you random first time crappy Lee Sin who insisted on solo top)

So am I right or wrong?