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Getting some strange

CCoville November 15, 2010 User blog:CCoville

So I've now been playing this silly little game for about 9 weeks and I've gotten pretty comfortable with my two favorites Heimerdinger and Morgana. It's time to pick up some new champions. Otherwise I will be sitting here playing with same champions on a free-to-play game while all the games I've spent money on (Fallout New Vegas, Dragon Age Origins, Crysis, Oblivion, Warhammer 2, Civ, etc etc etc) collect dust. So anyway, I've made it my missions to buy 1 new champ a week, or 1 every 2 if I don't like anyone.

So my first two purchases in weeks turned out to be Rammus and Tryndamere. I've had fun using them both as they are definitely a different style than I am used to but I think I'm starting to get the hang of them. It seems like I am much better suited to support characters but I'll quickly get bored of this game if I don't change it up a little.

My hopes for this week is that I'll find a mage that I can get down with as I now have a melee (tryn), ranged (trist), support (heimer & morgana), and tank (rammus). I've already experimented with a few but I haven't liked any of them. Veigar I'm no good with, Ryze is played out, Swain was ok... but I did enjoy Annie, Anivia and Vlad.

So, hopefully there's some good mages in the new rotation. Hopefully I'll dig one of them.

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