On a related note from my last blog entry, I now find myself with about 25 new champs at my disposal and barely any idea on how to use most of them. It's an odd transition time for me in the LofL world. I suppose the recent purchase came at a good time because I have grown very fond of Irelia and all of a sudden she's the flavor of the month. I had a good run of a month and a half where I was able to play her in relative obscurity. Now all of a sudden I see her popping up in matches, people talking about how OP she is on the boards, and now, the last straw, she is free this week. I played about 3 or 4 matches yesterday and every single time someone snagged her immediately. My heart is broken.

So anyway, buying the Champion Bundle and then also getting Fiddlesticks, Sivir, Caitlyn, Janna, and Nasus with my leftover RP and IP, has come at a good time as maybe I was getting a little too comfortable with my usuals and, you know, winning.

My plan for a little while is to play with the champs that I've used the least. Therefore, my new squad (at least for a couple weeks) is:






I've never used the first three and Taric and Karthus I have each used once. It's kind of exciting considering I've never used a stealth champ before and there you have two of them. As to how I came to these dudes, well, let me tell you I'm a bit of a nerd and I keep track of a lot of LofL-ing via a spreadsheet. These five are at the bottom of the list when I rank by a combination of how often I've played a champ and how often they've been free.

So, with this new shit in mind I need some tips. It's kind of doubtful I'll get much traffic answering this on the blog so I'll probably just check out their pages but those can sometimes be a bit of a clusterfuck. I'd just like to minimize the instances of being called a noob.

That's my plan. And maybe when I get back to my dear Irelia people will have gotten tired of her and moved on to the new hotness.