Alright, so unless the peoples are lying the new rotation doesn't leave me much to work with in the way of mages. Fiddlesticks and LeBlanc. I'm sure there will be a lot of LeBlancs running around out there considering she's the new shit and Fiddlesticks also appears to be something of a popular character.

So what does that leave for me? Well, with the free week of Heimer out of the way I should be able to use him alot and maybe just build up a lot of IP. I could also take the oppurtunity to get to know Rammus and Trynd a bit more.

The champs that I think I will test the most will probably be Zilean and maybe Sivir. Zilean is a dude I've tried once or twice and kind of liked him but never really worked at it much. And Sivir is apparently bad ass now so I might as well see what all the fuss is about.

So here's the plan:


2)Heimer (make mo' money)




Alrighty then. Get some.

Oh yeah, and 6) Teemo. I never used a stealth champ before.

Peace out.