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July 17, 2015
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  • CLK3

    [WARNING: This post is about Support Taric only!]

    Riot finally revealed my new life purpose, the thing I have been waiting over URF, over Aurelion, over Hextech crafting and everything else in 2016: Taric rework (http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/champion-update-taric-shield-valoran) Do check it out and share us your initial thoughts!

    After seeing few parodies and playing the Taric first few times back in the day, I fell in love with the character. Now he's granted an actual kit of abilities and is no longer the walking aura-item that I always had felt him being (ever since from the start of Season 4, never got to play the "proper" AP Taric). Unfortunately I scrolled down to comment section and saw a bunch of disappointed people complai…

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  • CLK3

    [WARNING: the following text may include signs of frustration, hate and complaining, associated with bad mentality when it comes to playing video games. You have been warned.]

    As it should be self-explanetory, Juggernauts have pretty much taken the Meta with impressive 55-65% winrates (probably)... As it stands, I don't remember winning a single (Normal) game vs Darius (unless the player behind him would be at consideraby lower level of play than me). I would not want to make a post complaining how awfully unbalanced and anti-fun certain aspects in League have become recently... But. That is the ****** truth... So heck with this. I am Support main and I hate seeing me and my ADC incapable of dealing with these monstrosities.

    "Why does Darius' d…

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  • CLK3

    Thoughts on New Fiora?

    July 22, 2015 by CLK3

    About 6 hours ago, Fiora's rework got revealed (here) and my initial thoughts are that she has some really cool elements in her upcoming kit. Her kit definitely looks to run the trend Riot has published nowadays, of more unique mechanics and abilities. Looks like Fiora will be rewarded from positioning instead of facerolling and crushing the R-key. I think she will be a strong duelist, a splitpush oriented champion not having the capability to drop massive AoE-damages to delete the enemy team. Overall, I think the champion rewor... refresh looks almost great (aka RIP hair).

    Fiora identifies the weak spots - or vitals - in the defenses of all enemy champions she comes close to. If she manages to attack her enemy’s weak spot, Fiora deals extra …

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  • CLK3

    7/17/15 and no news about the possible rework... I don't know when it might come but I hope it will. Some discussion/concepts have been shown back in April 2014 (surrenderat20.net) and I think earlier... Some of you may know/remember. A bunch of fanbase concepts for Fiora reworks has been done.

    Nevertheless, a rework for Fiora is needed, as for many more champions. Her whole current kit should be re-thought for the following issues:

    • Thematic character vs the character in game: "Duelist", "fencer", honor, talent. The state of her current kit does not really cross with the Grand Duelist character. (Mainly her ult and poor Passives)
    • Role: Q -> Q -> Ult and you're done. That is the current state. Full AD assassin, since she simply cannot handle o…

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