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  • Canopenerdude

    Okay so...

    All the champions are suddenly unlocked for you to play. All of them. For one week. Suddenly everyone is first-timing new champions or testing new builds or whatever. But here's the thing: Riot's made an event out of it and issued a challenge. Here's what they say, "For exactly one week, all 113 champions are unlocked and free to play. But in addition to that, there's a kicker: if you manage to play a game with ALL 113 champions this week, you will be given a code for a free skin of your choice."

    Now, don't panic. It's not as stupid as it sounds. Look at it this way:

    On one side, 113 is a very large number. Most people will see that, try out a couple new champs, but have no serious aim at playing EVERYONE. However, I think it IS do…

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  • Canopenerdude

    Hey all.

    After reading this blog, I got to thinking about how very delicate the balance of power is in League. Sure, AP Yi was baaaaad back in his heyday, but they smacked him hard enough with the nerf stick that he's dropped back to where he was... kinda. So what I thought was, what would happen if things were just slightly upended? What if Riot went crazy one day and switched TF's skills around, putting his Gate back in his E? That. Would. Be. Crazy. So I want to know: Take your favorite champion, change their skills around or something. Make them impossible to beat. What do they look like?

    Me, I'd remove that small cooldown on Sona's other stances when you activate one of them. Faceroll ahoy. I'd take the knockup from the New Sej's Q and …

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  • Canopenerdude

    Think I'm getting pretty good with these titles...

    So, after the hundred-odd comments on my last blog (thanks for the input everyone! I appreciate it all!), I've decided to take on something a bit... larger. I would like to start a blog or blog series about ALL of the skills, terms, and concepts that the community feels should be standard knowledge by level 30. I'm calling on all of you, every single person, to help me establish this compendium. I want all of you that read this to leave a comment telling a story about a time you or someone you played with/against didn't know something that caused a game-changing moment. I know a lot of them already myself, so I'll put the main ones that took me a long time to learn here, and we'll go from t…

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  • Canopenerdude


    March 22, 2013 by Canopenerdude

    Now that I've used that amazing tagline to draw you in, here's the question: why is the term 'noob' considered derogatory? Why do we even see it that way, or use it in such rediculous situations? Let me elaborate:

    The majority of us here are level 30 right? Well then why on earth would somone yell 'NOOB' in a normal game when (since Riot's matchmaking is at least halfway competent) the other nine people you're playing with are probably level 30 too? We all know how long it takes to get to that point. For me, it was three months of religious play, 5-8 games a day, every day of the week. So why anyone could even think to call me or someone of similar experience a noob is beyond me. We're not new to the game. We've been here a good amount of t…

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