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Congratulations, you're now OP

Hey all.

After reading this blog, I got to thinking about how very delicate the balance of power is in League. Sure, AP Yi was baaaaad back in his heyday, but they smacked him hard enough with the nerf stick that he's dropped back to where he was... kinda. So what I thought was, what would happen if things were just slightly upended? What if Riot went crazy one day and switched TF's skills around, putting his Gate back in his E? That. Would. Be. Crazy. So I want to know: Take your favorite champion, change their skills around or something. Make them impossible to beat. What do they look like?

Me, I'd remove that small cooldown on Sona's other stances when you activate one of them. Faceroll ahoy. I'd take the knockup from the New Sej's Q and put it on the current Sej. I'd switch Eve's passive and W, make her invis on a timer instead of a proximity. So let's hear your ideas. Let's make League the most broken thing ever.

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