There are certain champions where I find that its really annoying to farm with. Where normal farming techniques just dont cut it because the champions base ad is terrible. Fiddlesticks isnt the best midlane anymore, but I still play him there occasionally, and I find that it is nearly impossible to farm with him. Especially under tower, where managing your auto attacks and the turret hits isnt enough to get the cs. His ad levels are so low that the minion will still die to turret because it will have like 10 hp left or some rediculously low number. The same applies to Leblanc, Syndra, and Lissandra. It is really really really hard to cs with these champions for me, whereas I would normally have okay cs by the end of the game with other champions, but farming with some ap champions is just outright annoying. ( I'm Silver I working my way towards promo for gold. woot woot. And if you think "oh he just got placed in silver he sucks at csing probably," just for reference I was placed in Bronze II, and because I was a rager I won pretty much zero games and got demoted all the way to Bronze V 0 lp. Rock bottom. And then i became less of a baddie and  now i'm in silver I because I decided to learn to become better. Also being mentored by a Platinum player probably helped.)

I remember one time i missed 4 cs out of a wave because I would auto and the minions would have 5-10 health left and would be killed by my own minions which can be frustrating. I can understand not wanting the bursty ap champs to be able to harass a lot with auto attacks but maybe increase the auto attack damage to minions slightly, without having to sacrifice one or two of your mastery points to put into butcher where you would like to have them elsewhere. This way its not about timing the attack animation PERFECTLY WHERE ALL THE PLANETS ARE ALIGNED AND THE GALAXIES FORM SOME ODD GEOMETRICAL SHAPE IN SPACE but more of a management game where you have to pay attention to your opponents movements and minion health. This promotes better play as far as harassing vs farming goes. This mostly applies to Leblanc, even with the base ad buff I dont think it's enough still if you cant farm under tower without haveing to use all of your mana in the process.

If anyone knows how to get around this issue it would help me greatly in playing these champs. With my current understanding I feel like if I were somehow dominating in a higher elo match I could still lose despite the kills I have because of how terrible my farm is with these champions and how well the platinum + players farm which keeps them in the game.