Just a matchup which champ for which pieces (except pawns).

For example Demacia vs Noxus:

Sion Riven Cassiopeia Leblanc Swain Katarina Talon Urgot
N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop N.Troop
D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard D.Guard
Galio Poppy Sona Vayne Jarvan IV Lux Xin Zhao Garen

So far I like Noxus team:

Urgot can swap with Swain as King does with Rook

Talon as Knight. Knight has 8 paths to take while Talon sends out 8 blades in similiar position where Knight would land onto.

Put sisters on Bishop

Leblanc and Swain work as team so Queen and King is good to put them in.

Riven can jump over some terrain that is temporaly such as Cataclysm, PoF and Crystalize. so I put her on Knight.

SIon is dead as Urgot so I did put him into Rook

On Demacia team:

Jarvan is of course the King

put Lux and Sona on Bishop for AP/support.

Garen and Galio got Shield so put them on Rook while their buddy next to them (Poppy for Galio and Xin for Garen).

Vayne is from Demacia, but her as Queen? kinda weird but she's hunting for one who killed her parents (probably Leblanc) plus she got her eyes on Black Rose, so I put her as Queen.

EDIT: Now with picture :D
Caporai LOLChess

Poor Xin... He got impaled D:

For Ionia and Freljord they're still in progress due to few champs in Freljord team. Also wanted to put in Lokfarians and Rakkor/Solaris tribe on Freljord too, but it doesn't feel right. Important people like Lissandra, Sejulani and Zelos are optional to put in, they aren't champions yet but they have potential to be one (Although Sejulani detest Ashe and Trynda so it's hard to put her in).

Heard that Gragas have a residence there in Freljord so i put him on the team and Olaf too, probably the love of Graggy Ice.

On Ionian team you see that there's no ninja team there.

Nunu --------


Ashe Tryndamere Anivia Olaf? Gragas
F.troop F.troop F.troop F.troop F.troop F.troop F.troop F.troop
I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard I.Guard
Lee Sin Yi Soraka Irelia Zelos? Karma Wukong Udyr

The set of pieces on Freljord team is still uncertain (except Ashe and Trynda :P)

Zelos as King is just a thought, but Irelia is no doubt the Queen.

Supporter as Bishop.

Wuju as Knight.

Monks as Rook.

This is my first time creating a blog page on a wiki, so feel free to comment.



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