Caporai (WickedKing in EU) playing as P.Yorick

Yorick...he's good :D

  • AD Quints and Marks
  • Armor Seals
  • Mres/CDR Glyphs


Soloing bot with ToG and boots is good early game. I start with all ghouls (spamming them befor the battle begins and spam them all the time). Did meet Cassie and Talon at bot. Little did Talon know that Yorick passive is powerful when all the ghoul is up, so he decided to shut me up with Cutthroat. but all he got was a shovel on his face with my Q activated b4 he hit me and died. I rushed to Cass with my minions and used Garrison on her tower to full engage her and she retreated. So far from that I captured their tower. Rest of the game i just pushed bottom and one of our went afk for 5min (Lee sin who did pretty good at game). he came back just before we were about to lose and we got 3:2 - 4:1 for the rest of the game. Akali and Olaf got scary to deal with but the rest of my team did really good and took them down.

Yorick is a monster in laning. He doesn't die unless he wants to. Getting myself with Atma and Frozen heart, in teamfight on their capture point, I towerdive and capture. if I gets interupted while it still is red, I put Garrison on it and decide to attack enemies, spamming ghouls and revenant to take them down. It takes awhile before I get killed and I reincarnate to fight again.

Anyway GG it was and this my best game so far. Yorick is awesome in Dominion so try him out. Def like a boss, push like a boss. But watch out for tanks and late game carries. They tend to be annoying to deal with.

Caporai Yorick2

Another game in 4vs5

-Caporai (WickedKing in eune).