Just had some ideas floating around.

All-In Power Trades

  • Active: Channel for up to X seconds, increasing your AP by Y% per second. Upon your next ability cast, lose all 150% of the amount of AP gained from this ability; it will return to its normal amount over Z seconds.
  • Active: Deal extraordinary damage, but lose X% of your AP; it will return to its normal amount over Y seconds.
  • Passive: Deal bonus damage based on your missing health.

Functionality Swaps

  • Toggle: While active, you move and attack X% faster, but your armor and magic resistance are decreased by X%.
  • Toggle: While active, you gain X armor/MR, but move Y% slower.

New Functionalities

  • Active: Channel; while channeling, decrease the respawn timer of a nearby ally at X% of its normal rate. If you are channeling when that ally would respawn, they are revived at their current location, instead.
  • Active: Switch places with target ally.
  • Active: Start a countdown, after which you will explode, dealing damage to nearby allies and enemies alike. You are immune to damage while the countdown is running; the countdown is visible to allies, but not foes.
  • Active: Send out a skillshot that absorbs other spells it comes into contact with. Gain X benefit per spell absorbed.
  • Passive: Whenever an ally near you dies, gain X benefit.
  • Passive: Gain a charge and X benefit whenever a nearby ally uses an ability; when you use an ability, expend one charge to grant one/all nearby ally/allies X benefit.

Twists on Current Mechanics

  • Active: Send out a skillshot and enter stealth; this skillshot returns to you, breaking your stealth when you collect it.
  • Active: Place target ally/foe into stasis, during which they can take no actions, but are immune to all other effects.
  • Active: Channel for up to X seconds, rooting yourself (duh, you're channeling) and all nearby foes for the duration.
  • Active: Shield/heal target ally for X% of your current health; lose half that amount.
  • Toggle: Nearby foes are slowed by X%; you are slowed by the same amount while this is in effect. This cannot be toggled off while it is affecting a foe.