This'll be among the shortest of posts, since it deals with one very, very specific topic: Sivir's relaunch.

For those of you that haven't seen it yet (and the ones who didn't just go to look it up after reading that first line), I'll sum it up for you:

  • Q is basically the same.
  • W lasts for 3 AAs instead of just 1, but has an increased cooldown. W also gives an AS steroid while active, based on points in her R.
  • E no longer has a cost, but the mana gain on popping has been decreased. The mana gain scales with ranks.
  • R no longer grants attack speed.

It's the R that's been criticized most harshly, I think: "So there's an ADC who's ult is basically Shureliya's?" seems to be the general line of discontent. And while I agree that there's nothing really wrong with that, functionally, I also understand that players want to feel powerful and impactful when they ult.

To that end, I'd recommend a change akin to Riven's Blade of the Exile: keep the movement speed as-is, but give it a one-time-use active component that's available during the duration, or make it affect her other abilities somehow for the duration, ala Heimer's new Upgrade! ability or Vayne's Night Stalker (which makes her passive more powerful, increases her damage on Q and E, and grants stealth on Q).

What might some possibilities look like?

Well, if we go with the "ult gives a steroid to the rest of your abilities" line, we could have something like the following:

  • Increases the strength of your next ability/all of your abilities while active:
    • Passive: increased movement speed?
    • Q: increased damage, speed, and area/range?
    • W: passive attack speed bonus increased?
    • E: spellshield extended for duration of ult, or maybe affects other allies in the area?

Alternatively, if we give the ult the Riven treatment, it could be something like this:

  • While active, you may use [ultimate part 2] once for the duration:
    • R: throw a boomerang that follows target foe for a duration, dealing AD-based damage to foes it hits, potentially striking multiple times (with reduced damage on striking the same target?). Each hit triggers on-hit effects, including your passive?

Of course, those aren't the only possibilities or the best ones, almost positively, but they do paint a picture of a Sivir ult that could be easily seen as more than a Shureliya's.