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Jubei, The Ronin Warrior

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Jūbei, the Ronin Warrior

Passive: Fuedal Loyalty - Jūbei's sense of bushido fosters comraderie with his teammates and and intimidates his enemies. Jūbei gains armor and magic resistance based on the number of allied champions near him(cap???).

Q: Wakizashi - Jūbei draws his Wakizashi.

Passive: doubles his shinkendo passive for movement speed when moving towards enem champions within 700 range, but lowers his range(150->115?)

Active: He ignores unit collision for 2 seconds, passive is disabled while on cooldown.

W: Uchigatana - Jūbei engages his opponent with his uchigatana. He draws his blade and cuts enemies in an upward strike. Can be activated a second time to perform a follow up downward strike.

E: Shinkendo - Jūbei is skilled in different styles of swordmanship. Each passive is applied only while it's respective weapon is drawn, swords are resheathed upon using a different skill. He also resheaths his current sword when out of battle for x amount of time.

Iaijutsu - Gains passive movement speed and tenacity when using hiswakizashi

Battōjutsu - Jūbei focuses on his skills with an uchigatana. Enemies struck by his uchigatana are afflicted by grevious wounds,reducing healing done by 50% for 3 seconds. Strikes with the uchigatana also leave the target bleeding, losing up to 5% health per hit, subsequent hits do not stack, only refresh the bleed.

Iaido - Jūbei's skills with a katana are unrivaled. Gains Attack Speed and Damage on striking an enemy champion, stacking up to 5 times, stacks are lost immediately out of battle. If Jūbei kills the target champion with his Yukimeiyo, he immediately sheaths his katana. If not, he gains 5 stacks of Iaido.

R: Yūkimeiyo - Jūbei embodies the spirit/kami of his ancestor's legacy and draws his family's Katana. He challenges one target to a sudden death duel. Yojimbo dashes across his opponent and must travel the full distance of the dash(screen length range?) dealing extreme damage.

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