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  • Chaosvii7

    Untitled Moon Dog Champion

    December 19, 2013 by Chaosvii7

    additional damage against non-isolated enemy targets(enemies who have one visible ally within 300 range).


    Fenrir tosses his greatsword in a line. His greatsword will stop either when it reaches the maximum distance, or if it hits an enemy champion. Enemy champions hit take physical damage and are marked for 4 seconds. Reactivate within 4 seconds to use Call.

    |description2 = Fenrir's greatsword remains in place as he instead fights with his claws, decreasing his range while increasing his attack speed. Fenrir's basic attacks in this stance inflict Grievous Wounds for a few seconds. If Call is not used, the greatsword must be picked up to deactivate the stance and put this spell on cooldown. |leveling=  % total AD)}} |leveling2= 50(125 tot…

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  • Chaosvii7

    And here's what happened:

    • I tell them I really only feel comfortable playing jungle.
      • All of the champs I jungle with get banned.
    • Me: "Well, then just don't put me mid"
      • Last pick, of course I'm stuck being the mid. Pick Vlad. They picked Ahri.
    • Renekton: "We can switch lanes if you want to, I've heard Renekton mid works sometimes." Renekton was against Olaf top.
      • Well, that's pretty cool of him I guess. I mean, Ahri is pretty good against melees, but I can outdo Olaf pretty easily.
        • We do a Top Swap(trademark pending).
          • So do they(totally violating my pending trademark ;o)
        • Me: "Well, no big deal, we'll just switch around again!"
          • Renekton doesn't switch around

    Moral of the story: I suck at mid.

    • I tell them I really only feel comfortable playing jungle.
      • This t…

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  • Chaosvii7

    An incredibly difficult topic of dicussion, because nobody particularly likes metas that much, but if you had to pick a meta relative to a season, which would you pick; Season 1, Season 2, or Season 3?

    Further, I'll tell you that this is only on the heels of a HUGE argument I had with my friend - he looked me straight in the eyes and told me "the only characters that can play ADC are ranged." I laughed at him, he's literally only involved with the meta and doesn't seem to notice anything about the actual game as-is - frankly, it's an ignorant position to be in. Show him the melee ADCs(those both labelled as such by League of Legends and the ones according to the meta), and he will just look at you like you have three heads and tell you you're…

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  • Chaosvii7

    bonus Critical Strike Chance and Life Steal.


    Sango readies his fangs to bite a target, making his next attack within 3 seconds deal a percentage of their maximum health as bonus physical damage. If this attack kills an enemy minion or champion, or a large or epic monster, the spell's health cost is refunded and Sango enters stealth for 4 seconds.

    |leveling= of maximum health}} |cooldown= |cost= |costtype=of current health }} }}

    Nearby visible ally champions grant Sango bonus health regeneration per champion. Allies, in turn, gain 3/4 of Sango's bonus health regen.
    • 1100


    |description2= Sango revels in the blood of his enemies, gaining attack speed for every nearby visible enemy champion for 6 seconds. The health regeneration passi…

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  • Chaosvii7








    Deep in the Plague Jungles, the League of Legends has been breached by dark primal magics unlocked by the native tribesmen who await in the canopy of shadows. These "Shamans", as they are known, have harnessed powerful spells capable of diverting the power of Summoners from The League to force the Champions tied to their wills in a new field of gruesome combat. In these jungles, survival of the fittest is the only available means of combat. The powerful magical artifacts the League has access to mean nothing, only the simplest of tools can be found working in the magic-dull jungle. With sheer skill, raw pow…

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