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LoL: Guerilla Games - A new ARAM variant

Chaosvii7 December 3, 2012 User blog:Chaosvii7








Deep in the Plague Jungles, the League of Legends has been breached by dark primal magics unlocked by the native tribesmen who await in the canopy of shadows. These "Shamans", as they are known, have harnessed powerful spells capable of diverting the power of Summoners from The League to force the Champions tied to their wills in a new field of gruesome combat. In these jungles, survival of the fittest is the only available means of combat. The powerful magical artifacts the League has access to mean nothing, only the simplest of tools can be found working in the magic-dull jungle. With sheer skill, raw power, expansive tactica, and the meager accessories they can muster, Champions must fight to survive while The League attempts to bring them back - it seems the only way to escape is to fight and win, using your native instincts to guide your team to victory. Be careful of what awaits in the jungles, and prepare to fight for your life in...



  1. Your champion will be randomly drawn from the pool of champions available to you, as per standard Random Pick protocol(duh).
  2. All champs need to have Smite as a summoner Spell.
  3. You can farm minions, but only midlane.
    1. You are allowed to farm in the enemy jungle, if you can make it in.
  4. You will only be fighting in mid or in your jungles. NO PUSHING TOP OR BOT LANE.
  5. You can only purchase basic-level items, and consumables. If you're unsure what items are basic level, refer to the League of Legends Wiki for more info.
    1. You ARE allowed to upgrade your boots.
      1. After the Season 3 patch, boot enchantments will be allowed.
    2. GP/10 Items are also allowed.
    3. In addition, all champions MUST build 1 Wriggle's Lantern.
      1. After the Season 3 patch, Spirit Stone and it's upgrades will also be allowed, but Wriggle's Lantern is still core.
  6. Baron and Dragon are fair game.

This new ARAM variant is made to make a more primal strategic experience, in which the champions far outshine their item choices, and the only way to increase in might is to slay the natural predators around you. Tactics are key in this mode, as the items give minimal tactical benefit, and fighting is much more down and dirty - With any luck, this also gives you an insight into which champions do best with bare minimal items. This gamemode obviously shines with champs that are natural junglers and those with strong early games, but the idea is that the jungling only promotes the bare essentials playstyle. It also puts a scarcity on your farm - there's only one lane of minions and about 15 monsters in both jungles, so you have to divide creep kills(this is somewhat alleviated with the GP/10 items), and it makes which champs pick up the neutral buffs more essential to gameplay(the key mechanic of the gameplay - imbue yourself with the primal energies locked deep in the jungles to decimate your team). Guerilla raids and ganks are common amongst this format. The background lore helps establish what I was trying to accomplish with this game mode - You're forced to use simple items and advanced tactics to destroy the enemy territory and free yourself from your tribal prison.

I would be EVER so thankful if you would play this new gamemode and help spread the word, maybe give me feedback on it after trying it a few times. I myself don't have as much free time as I would like to try the game mode out, but I would love to give it a shot when I have enough time on my hands for some more games. If you try it out, gimme some screenshots and some recaps if you can, all the information I get, the better. Thanks for reading, and thanks again if you are so bold as to try it or me!