And here's what happened:


  • I tell them I really only feel comfortable playing jungle.
    • All of the champs I jungle with get banned.
  • Me: "Well, then just don't put me mid"
    • Last pick, of course I'm stuck being the mid. Pick Vlad. They picked Ahri.
  • Renekton: "We can switch lanes if you want to, I've heard Renekton mid works sometimes." Renekton was against Olaf top.
    • Well, that's pretty cool of him I guess. I mean, Ahri is pretty good against melees, but I can outdo Olaf pretty easily.
      • We do a Top Swap(trademark pending).
        • So do they(totally violating my pending trademark ;o)
      • Me: "Well, no big deal, we'll just switch around again!"
        • Renekton doesn't switch around

Moral of the story: I suck at mid.


  • I tell them I really only feel comfortable playing jungle.
    • This time, they don't ban many any junglers at all. Okay, that's great! That means I could get a good break with this match.
      • Lee Sin jungle, ignored the fact that I requested I play jungle.
        • I tell them I'm not good at mid at all, and then I get last pick and still have to go mid.
  • We lose.
    • Most everyone on my team gets mad at me because I told them I can't play mid, but they made me do it anyways.

Moral of the story: I still suck at mid. Losing one game probably didn't help hone my skills either.

A normal person would have a serious problem about that, but I'm a reasonably calm and cool guy. I could care less about being placed in Bronze VII, but it does beg the question, does telling the team that I wanna jungle mean nothing when I get the last pick? I can fill just about any role BUT mid okay(I'm not a star support but at least it's easier than mid), but even when explicitly communicating these things I've been ignored - twice. And I can't quite pick my place in the order, so what do I do? Of course, this isn't going to deter me continuing to do this until I've gotten somewhere.

I mean, I thought mid was a pretty competitive and sought-after lane.