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  • Chase999

    Netzach is the Progeny of Destruction. He is the personification of a dangerously calm demeanor but is better known for his propensity for efficiency and brutality and due to this he devastates his enemies with just a single shot.

    Grigori requires cartridges to attack.

    Each Cartridge has 2 bullets in it, each bullet deals different effects. The First Bullet deals bonus damage equal to and The Second Bullet deals damage based on . Grigori has an attack range of 675. |description3 = Zephon is Netzach's Melee weapon, Zephon inflicts a bleed that deals damage per half-second to the enemy hit, this lasts for 2 seconds. if the attack that inflicts the bleed is a critical strike, the bleed deals double that damage. there can only be one bleed e…

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  • Chase999

    Arcenciel, Heaven's Quintuplet is made by Chase999

    % of the damage dealt Max of 10 stacks, basic attacks give 1 stack and spells give 3 stacks. }}

    Arcenciel gathers energy and throws it an area, enemies in the area are and those staring right at the light upon its explosion is . the duration of the stun and the nearsight are the same.


    |cooldown= |cost= |costtype= mana |range= |speed = 2000 }}

    Arcenciel target an enemy, then he channels for 2 seconds and then gives them a debuff called "Divine Touch". This debuff causes the affected target to explode within a 400-radius area and spread the debuff to enemies in the explosion radius upon death. this can be cancelled by moving out of the leash range of the ability before the channeli…
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  • Chase999

    Strategy: Castle Walls

    August 24, 2016 by Chase999

    Okay, Me and My friends have tested this out in Low Platinum and it works like 90% of the Time. The Startegy depends mostly on Stone Walling and Snow Balling.

    Let me Explain, Instead of Having the typical 1 mid lane, 1 top lane, a duo bot lane(ADC and Support} and a jungler. (FYI, This Strategy can still work with this set-up, its just that me and my friends feel more comfortable with the latter). we go with a duo top lane(one is a Mobile Assassin), duo bot lane(Another Mobile Assassin) and a midlaner.

    Champions Required

    - 3 Champions good a wave-clearing and Anti-sieging (Tower Defender Champions)

    - 2 Mobile Assassins

    In Most of our Game, we were using Anivia(Bot Lane), Taliyah(Mid lane), and GangPlank(Top Lane) as our defenders. We also opted…

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  • Chase999

    Wyre Nilo, the Glove Enchanter is a Massacre Brother.

    • Gloves are an affliction Unique to Wyre Nilo and cannot be cleansed.
    • The Gloves will also cause a floating glove to appear above the Champion
    • The Gloves cannot be Destroyed but can be attacked and targetted by skills.
    • The Gloves deal damage based on the of Wyre Nilo.
    • The Gloves will attack whenever Wyre attacks.
    • The Damage done by gloves are Physical and will be able to critically hit based on *Wyre's critical strike chance.
    • Enemies who used auto-targetting skills or attack move skill will attack the glove instead.
    • Spell effects will be inflicted by the Gloves
    • On-hit effects will also be inflicted by the Gloves as long as it is not the following
      • Life Steal
      • On-hit damage
      • SpellBlade

    • Oleander, The Pois…

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  • Chase999

    Oleander, The Poisonous Ranger is a one of the Three Massacre Brothers.

    Oleander equips a special bow for duration. While doing so, Takedowns permanently allows Oleander's AAs to send an additional projectile which applies a stack of "Poison" on normal AAs, this effect only applies if the takedown is within the duration of Basilisk Bow. Minions killed by "Poison" will grant Oleander temporal bonus MS for 2 seconds or till the bows duration ends.

    |leveling =  %

    |cooldown = after the bow expires. |cost = |costtype = mana |range = }}

    Oleander shoots an arrow in a direction, stopping on collision and expelling an AoE. Those within the AoE will receive more damage from "Poison" and minions will also be marked, marked minions no longer take…

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