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A Ridiculous Team Strategy

I just Played A Ranked Team Game and Lost To one of the most basic and ridiculous strategies.

Name of Strategy: Protect the King

Important Requirements:

 - Ashe/ Or any Powerful Ranged Carry

 - 4 Hard CC SuperTank Supports

          -Guys used before in my game:

                      -Singed,The Mad Chemist

                        -Braum, The Heart of Frejlord

                        -Gragas, The Rabble Rouser

                      -Nautilus, The TItan of the Depths

Objective : Protect the Ashe/ADR at all cost while she kills everyone.

Explanation of why this works:

This strategy was born even awhile back but was not successful with the Birth Braum it was not only easier to do this but more effective in a fight.


-Upon death of ADR most of the will Die

-Very weak without ADR

-Vulnerable to Ambush

What do you think is it a legit strategy or a strategy used by fools and desperate people?

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