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Helping Champion Concepts

Chase999 November 27, 2013 User blog:Chase999

Hello Everybody!

      So I'm Chase and i really need help I've been in chat and they say that every single concept of mine is not really good so i would like your help improving my old Champs Renia,The HalberdierCael,Heaven's Quintuplet, and Liliana, The Demon-Singer or you could help me with my new champion concept "Patience, The Virtue" his title,name, skills and numbers is still changable but his basic concept is not. his basic concept is still in the works though but right now his an AD fighter dependent on AP. i know a lot of you people may think its stupid but please help anyone i would give you credit for you contribution and i will publish him as soon as his finished. Im taking Game Design and Development so its really important to me. I would also most likely use my concepts in making a game so please help in anyway you can even the numbers because im not good with that. the skills of the 3 old champs are still changable as well is there numbers

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