Honestly, Malzahar as a whole fullfills 2 Different Fantasies

AP Malzahar fullfills the Fantasy of Inevitable Doom, with a fully fed AP Malzahar, no enemy would be able to get out unscathed by his attacks nor would they live if his able to do a FULL ROTATION of his skills. He doesn't answer the question if you will die, he answers the question When. he fully brings The Prophet of the Void, the Announcer of Doom to a real level.

AD Malzahar fullfills the Fantasy of a Puppeteer, fully in-control of what his puppets are doing but not actually being the puppet himself. Just like a puppeteer, he stays relatively close from the battle field but far enough that he is able to get a chance to kill you if you dare just run towards him like an imbecile who does not have a gapcloser. He is also able to pick off enemies who are low healthed or near death.

with this in mind, in your opinion should riot focus on one or the other? should a fantasy from Malzahar be removed to fit the Mage theme of interactivity or should he be left alone?  I want your Opnion and if you think im wrong with these fantasies then tell me what you think is the fantasy. i want to know which is the better Malzahar? The Inevitable Harbinger of Doom or The Merciless Voidling Master?

Do you think Riot should Combine the Two themes together to make a whole or should AD malzahar's voidling become an AP thing?