With the mage Update coming, i wonder what this will mean for the meta. Will the mage Dominate the Mid lane like they had previous seasons before the assassins started coming and the jauggernauts and Newly Made ADC's started stomping on them or maybe, they will dominate bot lane?

ok, give me a second here to explain. When i mean bot lane i do mean as the support. with the big mage update, the bot lane may be swarmed with mages acting as supports. we have all seen them sometime during our lives in league. The Annie support that is basically a stun bot with a perma tibbers at her side and 45 second CD on her SS due to 45% CDR. The Karthus support and his unbearable poking skills that he uses every 1 second. The Brand support that literally only activates his fire pillar on you and watch your bar whittle down till his ADC can kill him. or even the Cass support with her poison/slow and stun combo. or even veigar who literally will try to stun you to take a huge chunk of Health away from you then ALL of them would give THEIR kills to the ADC that needs it. and During Late game they become a disturbing powerhouse.

anyway i know a lot of will disagree with me but what do you think of it? will they really rise to power in Mid lane or will they try to destroy bot lane? or any other lane for that matter? The Mage Update is suprisingly close so i wanted to know your predictions. 

IMO, i think the mages specifically those who are being reworked would be able to easily dominate Bot lane even with big supports such as Thresh, Blitz and soraka. and most of their attacks are not really projectiles or can be more than that. Cass' Poison mist, Brand's Fire Pillar, Malzahar's Q, W and E, and so much more. this is just my opinion but i am so excited about the mage update what do you think?