Guys with the coming release of Rek'sai the void-borns are complete. Now in your opinion would they be a complete and utter mess? it seems that their may be a little synergy with the team. This is in my opinion what the Sortee will look like

Mid Lane - Vel'Koz

AD Carry on Bot Lane - Kog'Maw

Support Laner - Cho'Gath

Jungler or AD Top - Either Rek'Sai or Kha'Zix

ok for the last part of the Sortee, It seems people think Rek'Sai is better top lane than Kha'Zix, This is the opinion of my friends and few people on the net.

Well, in my opinion, This team is good for picking off enemies one by one in a clash. If Kog'Maw is fed then with a tank Cho'Gath and tank Rek'Sai and the incredible range of Kog'Maw. He'll not be easy to get to, as well with Vel'Koz's Burst damage and Kha'Zix's Isolation Damage Increase, Anyone who gets near Kog'Maw could die. In Fact, the main targets here in my opinion would be to kill Kog'Maw and Vel'Koz as fast as possible with any means necessary, next would be Kha'Zix. This team has big heavy damage dealer, and won't be able to easily get to them because of the ferocious and sometimes unfair super tanks of the void. but of course this is only my opinion. I believe that this team is a force to be reckoned with. 

What's your Opinion good or no? and What would be the possible counterplays for this team? a backdoor Split-push? a surprise behind attack?