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    } |title = The Bandit Rogue |herotype = Assassin |alttype = Fighter |date = |patch = |ip = |rp =

    |attack = 8 |health = 4 |spells = 2 |difficulty = 7

    |hp_base = } |hp_lvl = } |hp5_base = } |hp5_lvl = } |mp_base = } |mp_lvl = } |mp5_base = } |mp5_lvl = } |rangetype = } |range = } |dam_base = } |dam_lvl = } |as_base = } |as_lvl = } |arm_base = } |arm_lvl = } |mr_base = } |mr_lvl = } |ms = } }}

    }}Nysker, the Bandit Thief is a character made by ChaseKing

    He throws a dagger at a direction, marking them. there can only be one marked target at a time. His next attack on the marked …

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  • ChaseKing

    okay, i know this is could be a HUGE stretch but recently in my Lol community group, their have been complaint that Leblanc could be the only champion without an actual counter. i think that Ekko could be Lol's answer to that. I mean just look at Ekko's skills. He has dodge, slow, and heal. he could counter Leblanc in mid Lane. though like all counter's in LoL. Leblanc can also outplay him. People use Annie when playing against Akali or Katarina. or Pantheon when playing against Fiora. but this doesn't matter if outplayed by them. so my question is what do you guys think? is Ekko a counter for Leblanc to make things harder for her? or is he not?  cuz im not really sure hahahaha

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  • ChaseKing

    All numbers can be changed. 'Thumper, the Jack Rabbit is a character made by Chaseking

    'ok, this champion i made was something i was playing around with for a couple of days, his goal is to deal damage, initiate, and disable troubling target from afar without actually going near them. i also wanted to try to keep things simple. of course the third skill, is confusing a bit. so ill try and explain things below.'
    Thumper slams the ground below him deal damage in an 650-radius area. enemies within a 250-radius of him when the skill was set-off will be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds and enemies outside 250 but within 400 will be slowed by 10% for 1 sec. the damage increases by 10% for every riot that the enemy is hit within 3 seconds. the duration o…

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  • ChaseKing

    Maokai's Roles

    May 22, 2015 by ChaseKing

    Ok, Maokai. I know his a Tank mage but still when i was playing him my teammates kept on asking me to initiate.

    now, i need to tell you among evertything Maokai is his not a good initiator.

    Reasons why:

    1.) Maokai's only traveling skill is W which has short range. and is a single target root Skill

    2.) Maokia's only AOE CC skill is  his Q and FYI, it only knocks back is you are very close to him.

    Maokai does do a lot of damage and can go bot lane to protect the support but you cant expect him to initiate as good as Malphite, Amumu, OR Zac. I'm just saying this because there are some misconceptions on maokai's role. thoiugh this is only my opinion i just wanted to inform you guys that maokai does not initiate as those stated above.

    also though he …

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