Ok, Maokai. I know his a Tank mage but still when i was playing him my teammates kept on asking me to initiate.

now, i need to tell you among evertything Maokai is his not a good initiator.

Reasons why:

1.) Maokai's only traveling skill is W which has short range. and is a single target root Skill

2.) Maokia's only AOE CC skill is  his Q and FYI, it only knocks back is you are very close to him.

Maokai does do a lot of damage and can go bot lane to protect the support but you cant expect him to initiate as good as Malphite, Amumu, OR Zac. I'm just saying this because there are some misconceptions on maokai's role. thoiugh this is only my opinion i just wanted to inform you guys that maokai does not initiate as those stated above.

also though he is a tank and meant to be on the front lines, there is a reason why maokai has the toss sapling skill whose range is ridiculuosly . its because his other two skills are low ranged.

if you want to ask me questions, please comment below

oh here was the Line-up and just so you know we lost

My Team                                             Enemy Team

Akali                                                    Yasuo

Ezreal                                                  Jinx

Darius                                                  Gnar

Nasus                                                  Annie

Maokai                                                Aatrox