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    Champion draft idea - A water based champion.

    Just drafting the abilities and their numbers. Not the background lore, champion statistics etc. Not using names for the abilities and hero unless I produce a full draft. Will be designed as a champion were mana and ability power is used to + his abilities. The mana can be removed if the values are changed. Values can also be changed if it makes the champions damage output is to high/to low.

    I will provide a fully drafted idea if I get feedback.

    Innate - XXX gives out a aura ( 550 range), which restores 0.5/1/1.5% of each friendly champions mana every second. 1% starts at lvl 8. 1.5 starts at level 14. (Feedback - The base value can be changed or it has a reduced effect on nearby champions)

    Q - Sum…

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