I play League of Legends everyday after I come home from school. To be really honest, I don't know what makes me play it, there is a mysterious motivation everytime I click that icon. Is it the suspense on what new things I'm going to try out today? Or possibly the excitement of checking out the site to see if there is a new champion, map or skin? The outcome of every game is never known, you won't find no two games similar in any way. I have a thing for being different, playstyle, attitude towards it wouldn't be the same as one you'd find anywhere else. League of Legends Lore is a driving force for a lot of things, some teams are based on it, some people fight for their lore-related cities.

My personal favourite champion is LeBlanc. Out of all the times I've played her, my little circus jukes have never failed to trick anyone. The brush is LeBlanc's distortion playground, dash in, and you won't find her in the same space a second later. When you play LeBlanc, you get this really sneaky, tricky and cheeky feel. Teleporting right behind someone and then locking them up before they react is really cool. Mirror Image is just an icing on the cake, to cause confusion by walking in circles with the clone or even distorting around it to let it save you from Caitlyn's ultimate? Who knows.

League of Legends is a game mystery and a lot of unexpected things. LeBlanc is a summary of all that compressed into one champion.