• ChickenKfc

    Playing MiD

    April 26, 2013 by ChickenKfc

    Ok , I dont main mid . However I find it impossible to play.  Every time I play mid I get downright camped by the enemy jungler . Heres the funny thing , I always buy a a ward with my starter gold but I still get camped . I never push my lane ( on the contrary I freeze the lane near my turret ) but im still getting dived at lv3 .  Usually a jungler like lee will just dive me at lv3 leaving the mid laner snowballing . By the time I spawn and get back to the lane , he will probably be there to gank me again . 

    What is there to do ? Because even if I ward he will just come from the other side. And I usually dont get very succesful ganks from my jungler even when I go in first with my cc .

    Discuss and tips from experienced mid laners , because i…

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  • ChickenKfc

    Blame the jungler!

    April 18, 2013 by ChickenKfc

    This term is often frowned upon and is a common excuse to losses , But now , I see that they got a point sometimes.

    In my last game I got hard countered at top . There wasnt much I could do . To boot , their jungler tower dive ganked me 5 times in 7 minutes.

    I kept asking and asking and asking for my jungler to come but nothing .

    4 minutes ; gank top pls

    5 minutes : I need help come top pls

    6 minutes : I pinked their wards ( even though he never came before ) come top now pls

    7 minutes : I keep getting dived! Need help top!...

    You get the idea .  I was pretty much pushed all game and I kept asking for ganks when I really needed help , but nothing .

    What is there to do here ? No really guys tell me . I was hard countered top with jungler camping. T…

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  • ChickenKfc

    Newest Ultimate Skin

    April 18, 2013 by ChickenKfc


    CertainlyT has confirmed that in the next month-ish there will be a new ultimate ( 3250 ) skin . You know what that means ? Pulsefires!

    My theory is the either Pulsefie Caitlyn or Pulsefire Lux will come out due to them being the most popular champions as of latest.

    Pulsefire Caitlyn if it does come to exist might have an evolving sniper rifle , a disintegration ultimate or might even have a fun new interaction with Vi . Her new sniper will kinda be like the pulsefire cannon I guess . HOWEVER since we already have a Pulsefire ADC so I think that its much more likely...

    That the will make Pulsefire Lux ! Ezreals already like laning with Lux Suppports , so can you imagine that? Double pulsefire bot would be epic . She could have al…

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