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Blame the jungler!

This term is often frowned upon and is a common excuse to losses , But now , I see that they got a point sometimes.

In my last game I got hard countered at top . There wasnt much I could do . To boot , their jungler tower dive ganked me 5 times in 7 minutes.

I kept asking and asking and asking for my jungler to come but nothing .

4 minutes ; gank top pls

5 minutes : I need help come top pls

6 minutes : I pinked their wards ( even though he never came before ) come top now pls

7 minutes : I keep getting dived! Need help top!...

You get the idea .  I was pretty much pushed all game and I kept asking for ganks when I really needed help , but nothing .

What is there to do here ? No really guys tell me . I was hard countered top with jungler camping. Tell me what I did wrong here.

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