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Playing MiD

Ok , I dont main mid . However I find it impossible to play.  Every time I play mid I get downright camped by the enemy jungler . Heres the funny thing , I always buy a a ward with my starter gold but I still get camped . I never push my lane ( on the contrary I freeze the lane near my turret ) but im still getting dived at lv3 .  Usually a jungler like lee will just dive me at lv3 leaving the mid laner snowballing . By the time I spawn and get back to the lane , he will probably be there to gank me again . 

What is there to do ? Because even if I ward he will just come from the other side. And I usually dont get very succesful ganks from my jungler even when I go in first with my cc .

Discuss and tips from experienced mid laners , because im just stuck here

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