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  • ChipTheMonk

    AD Malzahar.

    July 25, 2012 by ChipTheMonk

    I've been playing a few games as AD Malzahar top, and have had great success top tane. Here's a build and some key points:


    3 hp pot

    Manamune as fast as possible

    Boots->Lucidity (Or swiftness, probably not berserker)

    Option A or B (Brutalizer or Black Cleaver)


    Last whisper


    End result gives ~500 AD.

    Runes and Masteries

    AD red marks

    Armor yellow seals

    MR blue glyphs

    MS or AD purple quintessences

    Key points

    -Powerful lane control and harass.

    -Excellent damage (For those who do not know, Voidlings have a 1.0 AD Ratio on their attacks, and attack with 1.4 AS after 8s)

    -Strong lockdown against diving Tanky DPS and Assassins

    ->Combo automatically gives 2.5s Suppression and one voidling, giving a large amount of damage.

    -Best bet is t…

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