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  • Chiwise

    Summoner Spell Ignite

    October 30, 2011 by Chiwise

    A thought just occured to me, why can ignite be used on minions and monsters, so many times i have accidently cast ignite on a minion that was really close to the champion i wanted it to be put on... Or at least have that smart cast where it chooses champions over minions like jax's leap strike and katarina's shunpo when your cursor is touching a champion and minion.

    Also can you post any simmilar problems with other abilitys that i have not mentioned so that i may list them.

    Things that need some changes.

    • Soraka's Infuse (should only target Neutral minions, enemy minions or enemy pets and allied champions)
    • Summoner Spell Ignite (prioritise champions if they are close to a minion and your cursor is above both)
    • Nunu's Blood Boil (Change to make …

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  • Chiwise

    Wikia contest give away

    August 18, 2011 by Chiwise

    I first saw League of Legends on my birthday when one of my friends came over with his laptop, urging me to give it ago and join him. At the time i had been playing Dota for about 3-4 years and had tried Heroes of Newerth for just less than 24 hours, Hon did not cut my unquenchable thirst for Dota, nor did Dota for that matter. Until i saw and played League of Legends... *Heaven, Bright white Heaven* *Holy Relligious Noises*. After that its been the only game since that i have played, no more Dota and no more Hon, i have stayed true to LOL. My favourite champions are Teemo, Tryndamere & Kennen. My number 1 is Teemo.


    I love the little devil to bits, but i'm gonna keep my distance from him. I love being a little astronaut with 2.5 attac…

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