I first saw League of Legends on my birthday when one of my friends came over with his laptop, urging me to give it ago and join him. At the time i had been playing Dota for about 3-4 years and had tried Heroes of Newerth for just less than 24 hours, Hon did not cut my unquenchable thirst for Dota, nor did Dota for that matter. Until i saw and played League of Legends... *Heaven, Bright white Heaven* *Holy Relligious Noises*. After that its been the only game since that i have played, no more Dota and no more Hon, i have stayed true to LOL. My favourite champions are Teemo, Tryndamere & Kennen. My number 1 is Teemo.


I love the little devil to bits, but i'm gonna keep my distance from him. I love being a little astronaut with 2.5 attack-speed laser gun. I take the on hit effect build starting with Boots of Speed and 3 health Potions, then Beserkers Greaves and a Malady, then Wits End and Frozen Mallet. I then take (if the game hasn't finished yet with our team the victors) Madreds Bloodrazor and a Guardian Angel/Force of Nature. I also have a whole attack speed rune page for him starting at level 1 with about 0.94 attacks per second. Summoner spells are ignite and flash; i have to take flash because of the damned 7 or 8 second increase in cooldown on move quick, and ignite because it stacks even further with my poisons. My masteries are 14/0/16 grabbing spell penetration and attackspeed in offense and movespeed and upgraded flash in utility.

The reason i love playing teemo is that he is a anti AD carry and Tank when built on hit effect, but his biggest weakness is mages like Annie(2x omg) and Katarina(omg). I love how his passive poison does on hit damage as well as over time so that it synergises with attackspeed and the passive move speed so that i'm pretty much the fastest champion on the field of justice. His mushrooms are so good for warding the map and securing areas around the map to safely take down baron for example. And the blind... stop a fully fed tryndamere in his tracks, he cant harm me.... hehe stupid tryndamere.

I Hope you have enjoyed reading my submission, and now have some insight into the great Chiwise!!

Thank you for reading.