• Chopstick.Plus

    Intro to Hell

    Well, i started playin LoL at the 10th June, 2010. I've found LoL via the boyfriend of my sister. He was one of the best Clans or Groups in germany who could withstand to people like SK Gaming. I still know the time when OLAF just went out. I've always though he was the most OP Champion because everyone pick him. My first game was on the 3on3 Twisted Treeline Map with Tristana. Tristana was free2play and I though Tristana => Sniper => OP Hero @ Seelenjagd [ engl.Soul Hunt ] ( Mod for WC3 ). I failed quite hard because I didn't played the Tutorial nor read any Guide. I just knew the Turrets hurts like an ass because I always ran into these Turrets at DoTA. At the end of the Game I lost with 1/12 or something like that because I…

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