Intro to Hell

Well, i started playin LoL at the 10th June, 2010. I've found LoL via the boyfriend of my sister. He was one of the best Clans or Groups in germany who could withstand to people like SK Gaming. I still know the time when OLAF just went out. I've always though he was the most OP Champion because everyone pick him. My first game was on the 3on3 Twisted Treeline Map with Tristana. Tristana was free2play and I though Tristana => Sniper => OP Hero @ Seelenjagd [ engl.Soul Hunt ] ( Mod for WC3 ). I failed quite hard because I didn't played the Tutorial nor read any Guide. I just knew the Turrets hurts like an ass because I always ran into these Turrets at DoTA. At the end of the Game I lost with 1/12 or something like that because I didn't understood anything of this game. I used to rage quit a lot as well until I found a new Hero: TEEMO! This Champ always slanned me at mid lane with his annoying Poison. So I tried to play him as well and OMGFOOMGOEGH=§)?="%?§%54G!!!!!! He was so OP for me at this time and nowadays I refined my gameplay of him to the maximum.

The President who surpase anything

Sooo, my favorite Champion is .... PRESIDENT TEEMO. The deservers to kick out Obama and live in the White House but people like Chuck Norris forbid him to go to the real World. President Teemo is master of Assassin. He's a way better then Twich, Evelynn and Shaco together. His harassfull E Skill of Doom is powerfull at the early game and not to understimated. Same for his World destroying Q Skill who blinded Lee Sin. It just counter AD Carrys like a good. If President Teemo is in trouble or some guys running with low hp around the Map, then he just use his W Spell to Chase / Run. He's faster then Sonic the Hedgehog. His Passive is a Pro for Scout. He's merging with the nature and is becoming one with it. Soooo if someone is going though President, then he actualy went though to the Gate of Hell. The Greed of President Teemo is so Great, that even Chuck Norris has to fart and actualy destroys the World. The prey of President Teemo will die immedialy after President Teemo exits his Stealth and BAM****BAM****BAM****BAM the target. The excellent assassination of President Teemo is far even GREATER when you put in some Satellits into the Field. These works like real bombs and hits the enemy so hard that they would think about a rage quit ( slow slow slow slow slow ).

This was my Entry for the Contest. Hope you enjoyed the Tale of President Teemo