Lore Edit

The bond between summoner and champion is all but sacrosanct in the League of Legends. To abuse that bond is grounds for immediate dismissal, but only one summoner in history has been found guilty of such a crime. When it was discovered that Noxian military secrets were being leaked to the Demacians, suspcision fell on Andromeda, a popular summoner who had close ties to the Demacian military. Fearing a scandal, Andromeda’s Demacian allies deserted her, and a sworn testimony from KatarinaSquare Katarina sealed her fate. Amidst a media firestorm, High Councillor Ashram banished Andromeda from the League in perpetuity.

Years passed, and the public outrage at Andromeda’s dismissal had faded from memory. Few in the League recognised the pale woman who appeared at the League gates, clutching the broken head of a summoner’s stave, demanding entrance. When she was brought before the Council of Equity, Andromeda argued that her punishment only prevented her from participating in the League as a summoner, not as a champion. In such cases, the council would normally look to the summoner who issued the sentence for clarity, but High Councillor Ashram had disappeared over a year ago. Reluctantly, the council granted Andromeda a Judgement, which she passed within hours.

Armed with the mental agility that only a summoner of the league can possess, Andromeda has begun to regain her fame through a combination of skill in the field and a heart-breaking story of atonement. Those who remember the shrewd, cunning summoner from before her banishment have suggested that what she truly seeks is vengeance.