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  • Civic42

    I went and looked up some shenanigans I can do with Banner of Command on a whim.

    I was thinking of like Zyra, Elise, Malz, Annie, Yorick. The first few I can think of that has pets. I went to Annie's page and it said it works then I went to the Banner of Command's page and it says it doesn't work.

    It also can be enhanced by Banner of Command, Aegis of the Legion, Runic Bulwark, and the Captain boot enchantment. (From Annie's Ability Detail Page)

    Annie's Tibbers and Shaco's Boxes both benefit from Banner of Command's aura, but do not gain any increased damage. While both champions visually see an increase in AD, neither champions deal damage based on their AD - rather an unseen value which does not increased based on Banner of Command. This …

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  • Civic42

    It just ain't working. He plays Heimerdinger as a pusher, but the way he does it leaves himself vulnerable. No mana, push entire minion wave up to my tower, good thing it was 1v1 otherwise he is toast. Made a custom game to teach him to last hit...It ain't working. I haven't played Cass in a long time so I thought I use her and teach him to last hit by playing passively and what does he do? He push like a boss? Nope, he pushed until he is ready to be pushing up daisies. I let him live a lot of times. If this was 2v2 He would have died, ALOT. well more than what I can do.

    I have the replay. This isn't meant to be mean to him but I need help coaching him. Any ideas? btw he is lvl 24. This vid is meant to show how he carelessly he plays not to…

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  • Civic42

    There is one friend I like to play with and that he is HORRIBLE at playing. He knows how to build Heimerdinger but he always pack Philostone and Kage's Lucky Pick because he says that he can't earn enough gold. I was like because you are pushing too hard and doing it wrong with your rockets. I go do a custom game with him and another friend who is just there is screw around as Ahri. I WAS MORE AFRAID of Ahri than of Heimerdinger. I was playing passively with Cass to teach him and sort of make him learn how to last hit. NOPE, he drops turret and spams rockets and nade till he is out of mana. I told him NEVER EVER to be caught w/o mana(told him that for ages). He doesn't listen and psh me all the way to my tower in mid. OK, fine, lets play b…

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  • Civic42

    Double Jungle-ish

    January 8, 2012 by Civic42

    My friend loves to play Shaco and I recently learned to jungle w/ Lee Sin and Stonewall just happens to put up a jungle Shaco video a little after I proposed we try a double jungle team. EXCEPT he is going to do it w/o smite. He is gonna box Blue and go get red. I'll be at red and when his box gets aggro I'm gonna smite red and go do Golem->wraiths->wolves(I should be lvl 2 I think). In the mean time he will be ganking top/mid OR disrupt the enemy jungler. He is gonna be running ignite/flash and I'm gonna use Smite/Flash. I think in theory we shoud be able to dominate if we can screw up their jungler early on and consistant ganks. IF he kills the enemy jungler then he is going to wreck his jungle if possible(kill blue/red but leave one min…

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