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  • ClariS

    Nidalee & Unhealthy State

    April 18, 2014 by ClariS

    I see the word 'toxic' being tossed out so loosely to the point that 'toxic' really has no meaning. It might as well be defined as 'I don't like this' because it is literally tossed out at every instance something is overpowered or annoying.

    Along with this, I been seeing a lot of Nidalee's posts about her and her being an unhealthy champion. While reading those, so many people keep getting the wrong impression and constantly debating about different points.

    So I figured I could attack two birds at once since Nidalee is a great champion to use to define certain terms when discussing about how 'unhealthy' something is.

    But due NOTE, I don't believe Nidalee is overpowered overall. Repeat, I don't think Nidalee is overpowered overall, so while r…

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  • ClariS

    A Sivir Change

    September 9, 2013 by ClariS

    Been during some theory buffing on Sivir and I'm just wondering what people's opinions on them.

    I want to state that my objective is more focused on giving incentive to auto-attack more.

    Second, I try to avoid adding mechanics or creating an all new ability. In other words, try to avoid adding anything that isn't already in the ability (besides changing numbers). I do this because, let's face it, if you could add anything you want, many strange thing occur such like me once reading someone wanting her Q to teleport Sivir by pressing Q again.

    Third, no range increase. I'm 99% sure that Riot intended to give her extremely short range, seeing how she began below 500 before getting buff there. So let's just pretend that isn't possible.

    And lastly,…

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  • ClariS

    The Ideal ARAM Team

    May 3, 2013 by ClariS

    It has been a few days since the releases of the new awesome Howling Abyss with match-making support, so I want to celebrate this by posing this question out for everyone.

    What is your ideal ARAM team composition? Like, I want specific champions and if you are really feeling for it, explaining why and how this team composition would work.

    Actually, I lied in my question and title. I don't want the ideal team. I should point out a few things I don't want to see, actually, more as, I don't want to see these certain champions as I believe these will dominate the picks by people. So to increase diversity and more interesting set up, I am banning these champions from the list.

    Not this wouldn't be much of a blog if I didn't give you my honest thou…

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  • ClariS

    A Moment for Clarity

    April 15, 2013 by ClariS

    We all know Clarity is by far the most useless summoner spell in the game. When you see anyone grab this summoner spell (outside of ARAM) the natural assumption is that this player is a newbie. Well, that's not a good sign.

    So let me quickly point out some issues I have with this spell. The most useful mana is for a champion is during the laning phase, but at it's current state, the cooldown is too high to depend on maintaining mana. I believe Riot justify the high cooldown by making it AoE.

    Another issue is that, weird in teamfights do more than 2 champion need mana. Unless the champion hits the point where they can't cast ability, getting mana isn't helpful. So the team wide restore doesn't actually help that much.

    Well then, I have been th…

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  • ClariS

    Xerath's shouldn't have his passive because it makes no sense on a champion like him. Let me rephrase this so more people understand, "This passive does not make sense on HIM."

    I am not saying this passive is useless, I am only saying, this passive does not make sense on him (or champions like him).

    For those who might not know for sure what passive this is, here it is:

    Xerath gains bonus armor equal to .

    I want to start off with this statement right here, "I don't believe this passive is weak, I actually believe this passive is really strong." Let me repeat myself again, the issue I have with this passive has nothing to do with it's strength. This passive, in my opinion, is rather strong.

    Now that I have repeated this twice, I better not get any on…

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