I come along this question a lot while reading threads and forums.

"Should I buy X champion?"

I want to explain how I view answering this question: The person is looking for a new champion to enjoy playing.

Now saying that, this does not include if the champion is actually powerful, but rather, if the theme or playstyle fits the person. To me, this is way more important then caring about a champion's current state. I actually think focusing on the current state is rather bad.

So why do I think by looking at the state of a current champion is bad? Because the state of any champion can change at anytime. If the person is just looking for a powerful champion to get easy ELO, then I want to remind people, the state of any champion changes with each patch and evolving metas. Where one champion made be strong in one period, might be weak another.

You hear so many people complaining because 'their' champion just got nerf and now they want to refund their IP/RP. And you know what that means, those people didn't buy her because they liked playing her, they only brought her because they wanted a powerful champion they knew could pawn other easily.

So my basic advice, buy the champion that you enjoy playing. Buy the champion that has the style you enjoy playing. If you buy a champion simply because you like his/her playstyle, then you know you have made a good choice because you enjoying playing them regardless if they are powerful or not.

And lastly, most champion can be powerful if played well. Even with the most underused champion, they have their strengths that can easily win you the games. A lot of pro players risen with champions considered to be 'weak'.

ClariS pannya

How can you not say yes to this?

And to end this blog with something completely irreverent.