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AD has Diminishing Returns!!

ClariS August 28, 2012 User blog:ClariS

I know!!!

So I was looking at forums and I found someone posting this, saying:

"With a BF Sword, you know get an increase in your attack damage by 45%."

Reading that statement actually got my interest on doing some numbers. I decided to check both Attack damage and Ability Power. And so, I crunched it.

Base Attack Damage Bonus Attack Damage Total Attack Damage Percentage Increase
20 10 30 50%
30 10 40 33%
40 10 50 25%
50 10 60 20%
200 45 245 22.5%
Base Ability Power Bonus Ability Power Total Ability Power Percentage Increase
20 20 40 100%
40 20 60 50%
60 20 80 33.3%
80 20 100 25%
100 20 120 20%
300 40 340 13.3%

OMG! Looks at this data. By crunching the numbers, we can clearly see that the percentage amount that AD and AP adds clearly decrease with more you have. I mean, look at this. Even the addition to a BF sword grants you less increase attack percentage when compare to a Long Sword addition when you have 40 AD. And a blasting wards grant less then an amplify tomb. If this isn't diminishing returns, then I don't know what it is.

I still find this to be shocking information. Clearly grabbing damaging stats is not as effective as so many people think it was. I think I just proved it wrong with my numbers. OMG! This actually means every stat that increases by a flat amount has diminishing returns because by percentage, it doesn't increase as much.

So What's your opinion on this? Is AD % AP still worth grabbing?                           ..... Also, please, don't take this post seriously. This is just for all those people who keeps using data wrongly to prove a wrong point. There is no diminishing returns!!

Opinions, thoughts, feed back?

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