Let's say a champion is a car you drive.

Then mana could be like the gas you use to fill the car to make it function. It doesn't make the car better, it just makes it work.

But wait, what about cars that don't uses mana, what will they run on.

Well, for energy, let's say for those cars, they have are very efficient solar power cars, but have limited storage for energy. Seems about right.

But wait, there is still more. What about cars that requires fury/rage? Those car can have engines that are required to wait awhile before hitting their peak efficiency. Besides that, they don't need anything else.

And cars that requires health? Well, those are cars that requires you to literal kick the car to begin it. They work like normal after you get use to it till the point it doesn't even make a difference.

What about cars with heat? I actually don't think I need to say anything about that. Seems straight forward. Heat.... Car.... connect the two yourself.

And lastly, what about cars that runs on cooldown? And I will say, that's stupid. Everything above already runs on it as well in top of their other needs so what in the heck makes this a hard management tool. Basically, this is a car that can run by itself.

So that is my analogy, and I hoped you enjoyed it.

Moral of the Story

Don't argue that a car that can't use gas as a bad thing. It's not like the person who has to buy gas wants to buy gas in the first place.

And don't counter argue this with those specific three cars. They are the expectations of the 85ish gas cars in the street that actually benefits from this gas.

Now this was fun and I hoped you enjoyed it. Thoughts and opinions?