I hate it. I hate when teammates do this to each other during a match. It has no place in a team game. During to your opponent is fine as that is trying to play mind games, but to your own teammates. What the HECK?

Now pointing out their flaws to them during the game is fine. I enjoy and love seeing people help each other to get better in the game. Being teammates mean you support each other. If I notice someone in my team doing bad and know why they are doing bad, I will try to give them advice. Simple advice, like, "you shouldn't push the minions so hard, try to last hit more to prevent us from getting gank" or, "try to move side to side to avoid the skill shot, instead of running backwards." If they accept it is their choice, but I know at least I was trying to be helpful.

But saying things like "you suck" or "stop feeding noob" or "just f***ing quit you noob!!" doesn't help anyone. All it does is help speed up the down hill spiral to their lost. Seriously, it doesn't do anything useful expect make your team worst. Your teammate lose the little teamwork they have, and by insulting them, you make them feel less willing to play, which leads to worst skill level.

I know, i know. If people are talking crap to you, you can always ignore them or mute them, but honestly, why should I want to do this in the first place. League of Legend is a team game, and like all team games, you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Yes there are time when you want to release stream because of stupid situations, like: there is a obvious troll in your team, people who aren't willing to listen, overall bad players, and people who just can't their mouth shut and has to blame everyone on their team. But when a situation like that comes I just take this assumption: "My opponents are dealing with the exact same crap I'm dealing with and if I can outlast them, I can probably win the game. It will be hard, it will take time and effort, and I will need to shift the tide of the battle, but I know that once a team starts feeling that they are about to lose, the blame game begins."

Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions!! I love it when people express their thoughts.