I have been recently adding the cost efficient of an item on many of their item page, but before I go finalize them all, I want to ask for your opinions and suggestions.

If you don't know I'm talking about, I'll give you an example.


On the Warmog's Armor page, you will find:

Cost EfficiencyEdit

Gold Value

Passive Gold Value

A few other goods one to check out is: Runic Bulwark item Runic Bulwark for an aura item, and Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade for an item with multiple parts.

Before you question how I got these values. All values were obtained from just taking from the lowest tier item, for example, I found attack damage value from Long Sword item Long Sword. I used these exact same values for every item, so it should remain consistent and somewhat fair. Also, I did it in this form because when thinking of the actual cost value, I realized that it was kind of pointless since everything was getting effected kind of equally, and the small difference didn't really improve anything or add anything useful. In my opinion, it is just preference on people, and since I was doing everything, I took the one with the most elegant numbers (had the most whole numbers).

Though, I will admit, the movement speed was obtained though a red post[1]. I will also say that using spell vamp, and movement speed is not fair as there is no proof those are the values and they have no base item.


But the main point of this blog, I want to ask if there is any problem people have with me doing this with all the item pages. Are their any issues that you have with this, any nitpicks that you think I can do to improve it, anything that might confuse you, reasons why you don't think this should exist, or glaring flaws with an idea like this?

I need the feedback, as in comments, not just the voting, because that is where the best information can be gathered.

Note: I want to hear feedback on anything besides how I valued the stats. For how I value the stats, vote on the poll so the comments aren't filled with the same thing.


How to value the stats of each item?

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Should Movement Speed and Spell Vamp be used?

The poll was created at 23:43 on January 6, 2013, and so far 54 people voted.

I need all the feedback I can get on this, and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I want to keep this, but I must be doing something wrong if people are out-right removing it. Thank you for your taking your time on this.