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  • ClayHuang158


    March 12, 2017 by ClayHuang158
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  • ClayHuang158


    December 8, 2016 by ClayHuang158
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  • ClayHuang158


    October 15, 2016 by ClayHuang158

    . |description3 = instantly grants Necrius up to 10 Spirit Essences. |description4 = If Necrius does not have any Spirit Essences, then he will be unable to cast any abilities. |range = |targeting = Spiritual Essence is a storage system that allows Necrius to use his abilities. |damagetype = |spelleffects = |onhiteffects = |spellshield = |additional =

    • Spiritual Essence's Spirit Essence collection range is around the enemy killed instead of the ally who killed it.
    • If Necrius already has 10 or more Spirit Essences upon returning to base, he will not be granted any more.


    Necrius steals some of the target enemy's spiritual energy, dealing , the target by 25% for seconds, and granting himself 2 Spirit Fragments, as well as afflicting the ta…

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  • ClayHuang158


    July 17, 2016 by ClayHuang158

    does not increase the speed of his basic attacks. Instead, he attacks once every seconds, with basic attacks dealing 1.5level}} AD}}. Each attack can apply on-hit effects.

    |description2 = Edas also charges his basic attacks. After |Reduced by bonus attack speed}} seconds, his next basic attack will be a Charged Strike, dealing 3level}} % bonus AD)}} . |description3 = Edas can store up to 2 Charged Strikes through Automated Attack System. |targeting = Automated Attack System is a self-buff. |damagetype = physical |spelleffects = false |spellshield = |onhiteffects = |additional =

    • will still work normally.
    • The cooldown of Edas's empowered attacks is based on , so attack speed-slowing effects will affect the cooldown.
    • Though Edas can only gain 2 Charg…

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  • ClayHuang158

    3level}} and will be by 40% for seconds, decaying over the duration. |description2 = Electrified enemies also create a Static Field around themselves. Voltaire's basic attacks will charge the field, Electrifying all enemies caught within it. Enemies inside the field already Electrified take 3.5(level1)}} . |range = |targeting = Electricity is an on-hit effect that has an area of effect. |spelleffects = area of effect |onhiteffects = |spellshield = Will block the damage and the debuff. |additional =

    • The targeted enemy will also take bonus magic damage, because they are technically inside the Static Field.


    Voltaire's basic attacks and Tesla Coil will apply a stack of Augmenting Current to the target. At three stacks, Voltaire will be able to …

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